Coronavirus pandemic questions about our perception of “there is the value absolutely superior to other values — Freedom.”

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The coronavirus pandemic has substantially limited individuals’ freedom. In Europe, people have been shocked not simply because of the threat to lives, but also because of the threat to their freedom. Many governments prioritised public health and lives over freedom. … Read More

Denmark: An Increase in Happiness, but a Decrease in Inclusiveness

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Denmark’s “anti-ghetto” laws in 2018 made the life of non-western ethnicities a misery. In 2019, Demark ranks the second happiest country in the world, stepping up from third place in 2018. Is Demark becoming the utopian city of Omelas? “Ghettos” … Read More

Applying the capability approach for housing research. A golden methodology? No such thing exists

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“if the capability approach is expected […] to generate a specific and distinctive methodology, […] one may be disappointed.” Sabina Alkire (2007) “You know, more housing researchers are interested in the capability approach. But they don’t know how to apply … Read More

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